Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: 30 year old virgin)

I want to know if being a virgin over the age of 30 is too old. Also, what’s your opinion of someone who’s over 30 and never had a girlfriend? I just couldn’t ever get a girl to stay interested in me.

A virgin after age 30? You should be a “human battering ram” by now. I can only feel sorry for the first woman you finally do get with, for you just might kill her! I don’t necessarily think you are too old, but I do think you are EXTREMELY rare.  Most people would probably have a lot of negative things to say about you, but I think it is very admirable and honorable to still be a virgin at your stage of life. As for never having a girlfriend, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing either (just think of all the money you should have saved up by now). However, there “is” a problem if you can’t ever get a girl to stay “interested” in  you. In the real social world this means that you “might” have “issues”. If you are to ever court a woman you might want to look into how you can change or alter your circumstances and outlook. Of course, the biggest problem is being able to “recognize” what those “issues” are. As tough as this may sound, I would suggest contacting some of the women that you have had brief associations with in your life and ask them what they honestly thought of you. Since they were never interested in you in that way, they should have no reason to sugarcoat anything they say. If you can get “honest” feedback from them then it could possibly help you in the long run (providing you can actually invoke change). For the record, there is nothing wrong with being a virgin (hey, I was one once, but I got tired of “holding my own”…). However, if you want to truly end your “hitless” streak then some changes may be needed. In baseball, sometimes the hitter has to alter his stance. Also, the hitter may benefit from changing to a better “swing”… I don’t want to embarrass you about the issue of getting yourself a “bigger bat”… Above all, have confidence in yourself and don’t even contemplate the idea of “striking out”…. If you are unsure of yourself, then rest assured that other women will feel unsure about you as well. Be “comfortable” with who you are and how you want others to perceive you… Trust me when I say that there are some women out there who will love a man who has saved himself for the right woman (whether intentionally or not). Just do yourself a favor and dust off any cobwebs first (smile) and make sure to tell her to get hers “QUICK!” By the way, here is a quick and heart felt  response from the Phantom Poet:

I’m over 30 and yet I’m still a virgin
What can I do to help relieve this urgin”?
Most women I date never stay interested in me
and getting sex is an exercise in futility
Is it my breath or could I have BO?
Why these women don’t want me, I really don’t know
I think I dress nice, and I even starch all of my collars
Would it would help if I hit the lotto for a million dollars?
Whenever I’m with a woman, she always seems to frown
My luck is so bad that even prostitutes turn me down
When it comes to my love success, this much I have surmised
When I tell women I’m a virgin, they say “I’m not surprised”.
I need to spice my image up so I can make some advancement
I know! I think I’ll go and get some “male enhancement”
The surgeon says that he thinks he can more than double my size
“But Doc, that only amounts to 6 inches, still not  much of a prize
The doctor said he wants to do what he can, but this is kinda drastic
“I want to increase you, but I just don’t have enough plastic”
I guess I’ll just stay a virgin, and be doomed forever
Some professor just proclaimed my virginity to be a historical national treasure
He said “Your virginity is so old, that its now a monumental relic”
Your status will go down as the longest in history, the way I’ll tell it
So don’t feel too bad, for you are about to get seriously paid
Unfortunately, it STILL won’t help in getting you seriously “laid”

I guess it’s time for the “five fingered date” again…. The Phantom Poet

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One thought on “Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: 30 year old virgin)

  1. A female wants to know..... says:

    I agree, I agree with Mr. Jolly. Saving yourself for someone special is admirable. It will also make things special and there is nothing else to compare it to. The only advice I would like to add is do your part by researching (talking to an older person or book knowledge) before you have your first venture. Knowledge about anything is power !

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