Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Ignored at home)

Dear Brett,


Subject: Ignored at home 


My wife’s unmarried sister lives nearby and comes over a lot for dinner or just to hang out and watch TV. I like her, but feel like every time she and my wife get together they turn into teenagers giggling at inside jokes and watching reality television and generally ignoring me. How do I tell my wife that this hurts my feelings without sounding like a huge baby?


Make sure to put some “bass” in your voice whenever you speak… Most babies are born “tenors”, and cannot match the low tones of grown adults (Hey, you said you didn’t want to sound like a baby, right?)… Okay, let’s look at this… They get together, have a good time and you feel they are ignoring you. That may be so, but they are sisters and have obviously been that way most of their lives. Since your wife married you, she has already given you the ultimate form of attention by doing so. Personally, I can’t see anything wrong with them having a few laughs together and looking at television. If your wife’s sister stayed with you ALL the time (even through the nights) and your wife refused to sleep with you then you might have a grand case for feeling neglected, but I really don’t think you should take their actions so personally. You can always invite some of your male friends over one day to watch the game with you and subsequently ignore them in return, but otherwise you shouldn’t let their actions get to you.  Everyone needs a little space at times, so unless it presents a real problem to you I think you should just “let it go” (my old boss Teddy Pendergrass had a song with those lyrics in it…. remember “Love TKO”?). Of course, you are more than entitled to “private time” with your wife, and if her sister is constantly infringing on “that” then it may be time for some drastic steps. I think this Phantom Poet can put things in the proper perspective for you:




My wife and her sister always get together and ignore me


They laugh and joke with each other but have nothing for me


My wife’s sister is unmarried, so she has nothing better to do


I need to padlock my door, so her behind can’t come through


And then let my wife know that her sister can again return to this helm


Right after “icicles ornament Satan’s fiery realm”


Because this is MY house, and I want everyone to know


That when you are under my roof, I AM the main show


So in order to fix this, I’ll create my own way of prevention


I’ll walk in on their conversations nude… (Now THAT should get some attention)


And if you think you can ignore that, then expect much more from me


I’ll have sex with my wife on the couch, for her “shocked” sister to see


Maybe THEN you’ll get the hint, and formulate your own plan


“Stop hanging with my wife” and find yourself a man…


She became my possession at our wedding right after I kissed her


I never once heard the preacher say I was also marrying her sister


So please heed the advice of this here Phantom poem


When I want time with my wife, take your bored butt home…


My wife is NOT your private playmate, and I am NOR your door man


And I don’t need to have a “threesome”, because I only got “one” organ


Because our love is for two, and that’s what marriage is all about


So don’t let the doorknob hit you in the rear on the way out…




        Two is company, and three is a bother… The Phantom Poet


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