Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Love versus Lust)

Dear Brett Jolly,


There is this man that does not know me, and yet he keeps telling me that he is in love with me. I keep telling him that he is only in lust with me, but he keeps denying it and claims it’s love. Is there a difference and if so which one of us is right?


I would think that lust is purely physical whereas love should be everything (including spiritual, mental, social AND physical). Love should happen when you get to know someone’s ways and personality. Lust happens when you don’t know someone but have a very strong attraction. If this man doesn’t know  you, then he can’t possibly love you yet. However he can “lust” for you until the swallows come back to Capistrano.  He could swear up and down that he loves you, but he doesn’t know if you are a mass murderer or not. If he found out there you were one then I can guarantee that he wouldn’t “love” you so much. He might not “lust” for you so much either. In this situation you are right but chances are he won’t listen to you anyway. As long as “you” are able to make the determination then that is all that matters. You need to get to know HIM if you plan to take this any further. ALL men are “visual” in nature, but it is always important to get to know the person “beneath the surface.” If he can’t distinguish his own “infatuation” with you from love then you need to help him find that difference before taking this ANY further. Get him right and set him straight for the sake of you both. Here is the Phantom Poet to guide you along the way:


Baby, I love you and I guarantee it is surely NOT lust

Because I just “love” the way your shirt fits tight around your big bust

Any feelings of just “lust” for you have all systematically gone

Even though the way you are wearing that tight mini dress is surely turning me on

I can say that I love you just from your sexy appeal

And so what if it turns out all your hair is not real

I just know that you are the one I desire for my matrimony adventures

And is it true that all your teeth are in reality dentures?

I just know that when it comes to you nothing else really compares

And if I have problems remembering your name who really cares?

I just know that my physical attraction for you is strong, that’s what I’m thinking of

For me to feel this way towards you then it just HAS to be love

I just know that my love for you is absolute and so very complete

At least until I see the next woman wearing a short mini dress up the street

“So if some man doesn’t know you and says he is in love and not lust

You may want to reconsider before giving his credentials any trust”

Because when it comes to love or lust you just may truly find

That either way this man is out of his rabbit sized mind


“Presented in loving fashion” from the Phantom Poet


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