Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Weight loss)

Subject: Weight loss


I have been told that I am a fairly attractive woman, and there are guys that I am interested in, but for some reason I am very self conscious about my weight. I am not huge by any means, but it feels to me like I need to slim down maybe as much as 20 pounds. I have tried weight loss drinks, counting calories and even lifting weights at the gym, but for some reason I cannot seem to shake the weight. I do not feel comfortable at the size I am right now. Do you have any suggestions?


If you don’t feel totally at ease with your weight then it will show in your interaction with others. It is very important to at least “feel” comfortable. It sounds as though you have tried just about everything you can physically, so now maybe you should try a more mental approach. I am NOT a weight expert by any means, but I do know that the power of the mind is strong and if you utilize it the right way you can accomplish things you never thought possible before… For the record, I would probably lay off lifting weights. Weights are not designed to make you lose weight, but rather add definition to what you have (In other words, re-distribute your weight to other areas). If you want to actually shed pounds then you should consider other alternatives. You also need to keep in mind that some people are just born “big boned”, and if you are one of these people then you may need to try a different approach. Losing weight is not the same as getting in great shape. You can achieve the “appearance” of losing weight if you manage to just trim down “inches”  off your waist  line. Mentally, I would suggest a couple of things. First, get rid of your mirror and scale (yes, that’s right). The more you LOOK at how overweight you are the more you are going to think that you will never lose weight, and psychologically that is not going to help you. Next, I would have dinner early in the day, and not touch any food after a certain time of day (like say, 6:00 pm). Also I would use the rest room as soon as you can afterwards (Why keep it in your system for a long duration when it only adds to your weight?). As for exercises I would suggest doing a lot of “walking”. The good thing about walking is that it not only trims the body down in PROPORTION, but also uplifts you mentally while you do it. I feel great mentally and physically whenever I take walks. Now back to the mirror part. The reason you should not look at yourself in the mirror is because in order to lose weight you have to first FEEL like you are losing weight. As long as you can’t see yourself in the mirror, you will have NO reason to DOUBT the fact that you are actually LOSING weight. Psychologically, this will convince your mind that what you are doing IS working, and in essence your brain can  WILL the rest of your body to shed pounds and look great. I don’t have the greatest eating habits in the world, but I feel great about myself and my shape, and people have told me that I actually look physically fit. I have not weighed myself in years and feel no need to. It works psychologically for me and I really think it can work for you, too. It is most important to BELIEVE that you are losing weight.  Sometimes losing weight can be as simple as “mind” over “matter”. Try to WILL those pounds away (along with exercise and proper eating)…. It might make the biggest difference where other procedures have not…Good luck to you, and here is a weight inducing poem from the Phantom Poet:

I seem to be having problems managing my weight


I need to lose it now, and there is really no debate


Every time I see myself I start to sicken


but I still can’t seem to put down that Popeye’s chicken


I wish I could no longer be so obese


but I keep hearing my name emanating from that 4 piece

I don’t want you to think that I don’t have any control

But I can’t help but think about their “hot buttered roll”


I’m going to lose all this weight, I can feel it with anticipation


Either that, or I will get me a surgical operation


I’m just the kind of girl where food doesn’t miss me


plus who in the world can resist “original” or “crispy”?


I know what I have to do, so I will work it this way


I will just reduce my orders to no more than 3 a day

One day when it comes to food I do plan to sacrifice

But not today, because I’m looking forward to red bean and rice

Or maybe I can just call on my own personal cater

And say to heck with dieting…I can always do it later


So if THAT doesn’t work, then I’m not sure of what I’ll do


I guess I had better start looking for a man who is overweight too…


                        Love is a value meal…. The Phantom Poet


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Linda Carter (who used to be Wonder Woman) and Brett Jolly