Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Love from behind closed doors)

Dear Brett:


Subject: Love from behind closed doors


I’ve been speaking to my old girlfriend for about a year. She was stuck in an unhappy marriage and I supported her when she left her husband. We have great chemistry and really care about each other, but I’m in prison and won’t get out for two years. So I’ve encouraged her to start dating and said all I can be is a friend to her. Am I doing the right thing?                                                         




“Yes”…and “No!” There is nothing wrong with encouraging her to date again. If you truly love someone then you would want that person to be happy, even if it cannot be with you… Should she have no desire to date (or cannot find a suitable romance) then you can always be more than a friend to her after you get out. Since the both of you were in a previous romance she already knows you well enough to determine if she wants to wait for your release. The question isn’t whether or not she will be ready for you when you get out, but whether you will be ready for her… Hopefully you realize that with a prison record it will be extremely difficult for you to obtain suitable employment and if you want to spend a lifetime with her you will need some form of stability. While you are incarcerated it might be good to work on achieving some sort of degree in a field of your choice. That way you might have a better chance of making a happy ending with her. You need to bring SOMETHING else to the table if you really want to make this thing work. The worst thing that can happen is that you both reunite and then you are sent back to prison because you were unprepared to deal with society again. If you want to be there for her, then plan to BE there and start turning your life around… If you cannot better yourself, then by all means encourage her to find someone else NOW…  We all are imperfect and prone to make mistakes, but it is not where you come from that counts, but rather where you are “headed.” Make use of the time you have to improve yourself and IF she is still available when you get out then by all means show her the “new and improved” you. That is the best encouragement she could possibly receive. Here is a long term commitment verse from the Phantom Poet:                         




I’d like to always be there for my girlfriend…without fail


Right now, it’s kind of tough, because I’m stuck in jail


I want to be the person who can alleviate all her fears


but to get that love, she may have to wait two years


Right now I can only offer her stories of what prison life is about


Either she can find a new love now, or wait for me to get out


I would marry her in a hot minute…Heck! I’d even sign a “Pre-Nup”


She’d never  have to worry about sex because I’m REALLY backed up


But I must be able to take care of her, and this is a tough decision


I can’t guarantee a future for me once I get out of prison


I only know the con games, the BS, and all the scheme tricks


The only field I know requiring THOSE credentials is “gasp”… “POLITICS!”


They are even more crooked than me… Look at all the bad stuff they brought


The only difference between them and me is that they never get CAUGHT


For my woman I want to be ready when I get out… I don’t want to delay her


Tell you what: I think I’m now qualified to run for MAYOR


I expect to be more to her than just some live in resident


So if being mayor doesn’t work, then I’ll consider a run for President


I know a lot about wartime preparation and military production


And heck! I even own my OWN weapons of mass destruction


I know this sounds ludicrous and maybe even downright zany


But I even once shot somebody, just like former Vice President Dick Cheney


Some say that the crimes I committed were wrong, terrible and perverse


But when you compare what I did to today’s politicians, is it really that much worse?


It can all become reality, but two years still remain


I’m qualified enough to run from jail, honey…Can you help me with my campaign?              




          If elected, I promise to pardon “me”… The Phantom Poet


“Taken from the web site”

Paul Shafer (from the Dave Letterman band) and Brett Jolly in concert)