Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Another definition of love)

A couple of days ago I posted an article about the “definitions” of love. I featured different submissions and I am still getting more in, so I figured I would contine to post them. Please keep in mind that everyone is different and these post are from people who have their own “personal” perspective. This is what someone recently sent to me:

Definition of “Love”.


For me, love is a strong feeling of affection that is manifested through an action.  There are many types of “love” but I will assume that we are referring to the love between a man and a woman (romantic love).


As I’ve become older, I’ve come to realize that the perfect order of love is this:  love for God – who IS love; love for ourselves (in a healthy way) and lastly, love for others.  This is a perfect foundation of what love truly is, for any deviation of this unique order will show up as a “twisted” type of love which is not real.  


My definition of “love” in a relationship, is a special one.  It is different than lust or infatuation because its roots consist of patience, honesty and unselfishness.  When the other person’s concept is the same, the relationship can grow.  Because of patience, you can wait the length of time where others wouldn’t wait and you can accept the person with their flaws knowing that NO ONE is perfect.  Because of honesty, deception has a slim chance of existing and through good communication, trust can grow.  Because of unselfishness, each one is putting the other person’s needs and concerns above their own and will not think it as robbery to give of him or herself.  With these three components in place (patience, honesty & unselfishness), the relationship will be able to weather any type of storm, because you KNOW there will be some!  The only problem with “love” is that it can make one vulnerable and that is when one must also think with the head and not with the heart because unfortunately there are those who will take advantage of this type of wholesome love.  True love is hard to find but it is worth waiting for.


Thank you for this submission. I gladly welcome anyone else who wants to give his or her own rendition of what loves means. I hope that the people reading this can gather something that can help their own relationships and maybe take them to a higher level. Love is important for survival in this world, and we need to recognize it for what it really is rather than thry to identify it by what we want it to be. Thank you again and I hope you have a great weekend.


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