Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Someone else’s definition of love)

Yesterday I posted someone’s definition of what love is and asked for responses from others for me to post. This is one that I received that I wanted to share with you for today:


“Love to me is accepting the person for whom they are without it being harmful to yourself.  Love is not conditional.  Love is not puffed up.  Love is kind. (Reference: I Corinthian Chapter 13).  Before someone can love someone else, they have to love their self first.  Getting to know yourself is paramount.  When you know yourself, you would then be able to tell your love interest what you like or don’t like.  You should know yourself before going into a relationship.  Sometimes that is not learned until one is older.
Yes, someone or many have tried to come on to me during my rebound time.  The ones that came on to me were the ones that knew I was a good catch.  I believe the best place to be when you are going through the rebound period is in a state when you are committed to the Lord.  I may have gone on a few dates, but I stayed in church.  It was my other home.  I shed tears, I laughed and I also had a good time. When you are committed to the Lord, you are in a good place for God to lead you and to direct you. If you were to stray off of the straight and narrow, you have a good person to go to and put you back on track.  I maximized my rebound times.  I took out time to do the things that I liked to do.  I was a Christian for a long time, but I had time to become a better one. 
If the right person came along while I was still shedding the past, I would not lead them on.  I would not commit to a new relationship until I was ready: emotionally, mentally and physically.  Some say the best way to get past an old relationship is to start a new one.  I agree partially with that cliché.  It may feel good to start something new, but once the newness wears off, reality will set in.  Before starting a new relationship and adding someone else to the picture, getting yourself together is important so you could start anew.
I believe love is based on both knowledge and on emotions.  You need to know something about the person and yourself before one falls in love.  Knowledge is powerful. How is their reputation, are they trustworthy, etc.  Emotions? Yes, from a female perspective we can’t help but get emotional.  The only thing about emotions, you have to have them in check.  If you don’t, you would be falling in love today and then falling in love with someone else next month.  When you have your emotions in check, you could allow them to come out but use your brain when making a decision. 
Last but not least: Jesus is love.  If anyone really wants to know what love is about, follow Him and you will love unconditionally.”

Amen to that. I realize that love is different for each person and with each unique experience comes a different quality of love. We are a product of our environment and our experiences, so it is quite possible that each of us can feel love in a different way. I thank you for submitting this post and wish you the best in your own relationship. For any others of you who have your own definition of what love should be feel free to email me at Thank you and have a truly “Jolly” day.