Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: John Edwards Affair)

Mr. Jolly,

Subject: John Edwards affair


How do you explain the cover up of Senator Edward’s affair while married to his dying and now dead wife? I mean how can he ever be trusted and how does anyone manage such a complicated and double life? Perhaps he can use temporary insanity for his misleading life of betrayal…After all, he being a politician, presidential nominee, and having to contend with the added stress of losing his wife–combined, he may just be certifiably insane. Right?





No one can explain his actions in any “credible” way, and that includes Mr. Edwards himself. What he did and how he tried to cover it up almost single handedly destroyed any chance he had for a Presidential career. However, we should not be so quick to “bury” him just yet. Other politicians have had corrupted morals of one sort or another and still managed to bounce back (for example, Marion Barry). Some have even landed in jail only to win stunning victories in elections. Mr. Edwards was in a very favorable position to be considered as a prime candidate for President for this term if this discovered incident had not come back to “haunt” him. I honestly think that if he could have kept his background unblemished then he might have provided some insurmountable opposition to Mitt Romney in today’s current political contest. Sometimes the values we place on candidates are unforgiving. NO ONE was a saint for ALL of their years. We all are human and we all have made mistakes. The problem with John Edwards is that he tried to run for a “very” public office where opposition will “dig deep” to find any “skeletons in your closet.” Newt Gingrich, Hermann Cain, Bill Clinton and now John Edwards have been “victimized” by their own discretions. I would fall short of labeling him as “certifiably insane” though. The way he calculated all of this proved that he deliberately had the “shrewd intellect” to “try” to carry this through. His error was one of misjudgment and not lunacy. However, the fact that he was “not” crazy only shows that he really should never be trusted by an American public again. If you can forge a lie of that magnitude and expect to sneak it past an unsuspecting public like that then you deserve all the repercussions that will ensue when it is found out. John Edwards already made his bed, and he already laid down in it (obviously with someone other than his wife). His situation is very unfortunate, but in the end he has absolutely no one else to blame… other than “himself.” He can work hard to build his reputation back, but for some (if not many) this act was unpardonable. God forgives us for our sins, and I can surely forgive him as well, but that does not mean that I can “forget.” I do, however, wish him the best in all his future endeavors.


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