Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Interracial relationships)

Mr. Jolly, I would love to know your views on interracial relationships. There are passages in the Bible that say that tribes should never mix. Do you feel that relates to races and do you think it is right for someone to date outside of his or her own race?

To me this is an interesting concept, because in reality how many of us actually “know” what we are “mixed with” racially? Unless you can trace your ancestry back to the days of Adam and Eve I just cannot see how you can be “one hundred percent” certain of what race you really are… Most African American people I see here in the United States are of “fairer” skin than those true native citizens of Africa, so unless your skin complexion is almost “jet” black chances are your family line has been “crossed” with that of “some” other race. White people can be mixed with something else racially and not know it as well.  There are some people who are appalled by seeing a mixed race couple holding hands going down the street together. Many Black women will say something like “There are plenty enough great Black women around so he didn’t have to go find a White woman.” There are also White people who cannot stand to see an African American man and a white woman together. Is this kind of animosity “justified?” First, let me say this “loud and clear:” I prefer to think of us all as belonging to “one” race, and that is the “HUMAN” race. While we need to strive more to accept each other I have come to realize that “racial ignorance” is a “learned” trait. Many of us have been “taught” that it is improper for a couple of mixed heritage to unite in romance. I will probably get in a lot of trouble for saying this, but I believe that “true” love is “internal.” If you love the person within, then it makes no difference what’s on the “surface.” A lot of us are quick to judge things we really don’t understand… White people can’t seem to understand why Black people love fried chicken so much. Black people can’t seem to understand why White people will go out in 50 degrees to get a “tan.” As great a gift as our “eyesight” is it can also be our greatest impediment from seeing “the truth.” The truth is that each person from a different race is every bit as “human” as YOU are… All Asian people do NOT look alike, All Latin people do NOT use knives and Black people’s skin color does NOT wash off in the swimming pool. The Ku Klux Klan uses those passages in the Bible about “no mixing of tribes” to justify their own cause. For me the answer has already been established. We are all “intermixed” anyway.  Just because someone may appear to be one hundred percent white doesn’t mean that they can’t have some African American blood mixed in their family line somewhere. As long as your relationship is one of true love and “not” one of prestige then it makes no difference what color is involved. If we all are to “live together” on this planet, then we need to learn how to “love together” on this planet. When you think about it, we are ALL the same color “on the inside.” I hope this answers your question, and I hope that you have a truly great and “jolly” day.
The Delfonics and Brett Jolly doing a PBS concert

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