Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Too old to dress sexy?)

Dear Mr. Jolly,

There used to be a time when I would dress fierce with stiletto heels, form fitting dresses and mini skirts. Now I am approaching 50 years of age, and while I don’t want to give up that way of dressing I don’t want to look foolish trying to be something I no longer am. In your opinion (or in any man’s opinion) at what age do you think women should stop dressing sexy?

I am probably a little bit different, but I believe that a woman can still dress that way while she still “has it.” We ALL know that a tight body cannot last forever but there have been plenty of examples to the contrary. Tina Turner was a great example. Known for her “long and curvaceous legs” she still continued to “rock” the short skirts “well” into her “60’s.” Now I don’t know if she has had any “surgical” alterations done, but I don’t think anyone can argue about how great her legs looked.  The issue here is that we all “age” at different rates. Just because someone may be “technically” over forty doesn’t mean that this is actually how old the body is. There are things you can do do keep your body in great physical shape, and as long as it stays that way you can continue to rock the sexy outfits. Now don’t get me wrong. I am NOT telling you that at the age of 80 you can still wear those great short skirts and tight dresses (even though I have seen it done…. aw, man). Each summer I ask my daughter if she thinks I can still wear a “muscle” shirt, and I highly appreciate her answers because I KNOW she would not want her daddy to go embarrass him or her in public.  Most times when it comes to “buying new clothes” I will ask the sales lady what she thinks would be a good match for a more “distinguished” looking gentleman such as myself.  I readily admit that I am NOT the best when it comes to buying a new shirt for myself, so I have no problems asking one of the ladies there for assistance. A lot of women start feeling insecure about the way they dress after they reach 40, but they shouldn’t have those kinds of apprehensions. There are some GREAT looking women in their 40’s and 50’s and some of them look even greater than ladies in their 30’s and 20’s. The secret to it is in exercise and in your confidence. If you feel “foolish” then chances are you “look” foolish.  Get a full length mirror so that you can see what others see in you and it also doesn’t hurt to have pictures taken each year. If you still feel right (mentally, spiritually and physically) then you might still be able to “rock” a sexy outfit. You will know if it is working or not from the attention the men will give you when you “switch” by them. Just be careful, because at a certain age if you “switch” too hard you just may “hurt something.” Don’t be so quick to base your dress attired specifically on your age. There are many women younger than you what WISH they could wear the same outfit and look “as good.” Good luck to you and here is the Phantom Poet to start our week off.


There was a time when I was diva fabulous with great dresses and shoes with a 4 inch heel

But now I am pushing 50, and I’m not certain of how I should feel

When I used to enter a room, heads would turn and sometimes I would get thunderous applause

Now I am contemplating whether or not I need girdles or even push up bras

All my drinks would be paid for and for me all the men wore bright smiles

And when I walked through the club, all the men would fall out in the aisles

Now I am not as spry and I sometimes lack energy

Maybe it’s because in age I am approaching the half century

Should I start to tone my dress down now or continue my diva ways?

Should I keep my hair the same or should I dye it to cover the “grays?”

They say I still look great and I have always tried to keep in good health

When it comes to walking in heels now it’s harder to balance myself

When a woman gets older certain things begin to concern her

But she can still look great, just like Tina Turner

With exercise and good living a woman can “still” represent

And ALL the married men will try to sneak a peek (to their wife’s detriment)

So if you wonder if you still have it, then there is a certain to find out

Get “dolled up,” go out and get the man’s attention, to alleviate “all” doubt


“Brick house? How about a fortified concrete fortress?” The Phantom Poet


The Miracles and Brett Jolly in concert