Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Independent women”)

Why is it that men are so afraid of independent women? I make my own money, and I handle my own business, and yet when men find this out they seem to get intimidated. Do I have to fake like a helpless woman to keep a man?

No, but you may need to test different waters for men who can deal with a woman of your status. You are right, there are men out there who don’t know how to handle a woman that can fend for herself, but there are also men who have no problems with this at all. In fact, there are men out there who will gladly “welcome” your independence. It could be possible that you are engaging these men in the wrong circles. Independent men hang out in different places. You can probably find a lot of them at sports games (men love sports and they have to have some degree of wealth to afford those tickets). Also there are social functions that independent men commonly frequent that you should also consider attending. This is a new age and more women are working. If a man cannot handle a woman that he cannot control then you are better off “without” him. A lot of men love to be in the position where you need them for things. The only problem with this is that if he should ever decide to break off the relationship later then it leaves you with no one to depend on. It is highly recommended that a women be able to fend for herself these days. In fact, it might just help you hold on to a man. If a man knows that you don’t need him then he will think twice before trying to leave you. Most men egos have problems with “rejection.” Don’t go changing yourself to find a partner. The right man is out there who will gladly accept you just as you are. Be independent, be strong, but still continue to be the classy and elegant woman that you are… Good luck to you and please enjoy this lyrical disaster from the Phantom Poet:

When it comes to me, there is a lot of attention that men are now giving

But it all changes when they find out how much money I make for a living

I own a fancy car and a great house, but i live there all alone

Once men find out that I am independent, they run scared back home

I only want a man who will be nice and every once in a while console me

but I’ll be damned if I want a man that will only try to control me

If I offer to pay for dinner, then it is possible he will be gone

Maybe I should do like most men and expect sex later on

Hey, y’all men know what I’m talking about. You know what you do

If I pay for you, then I’m entitled to “expect” some too

but when a man sees that I am rich, he will run like a little boy

It’s a good thing I make enough money to afford a battery operated toy

They only need a few batteries and it gets my sex life on the right track

And the great thing about them is that they never ever “argue back”

With them I never have to worry about a man trying to make my life disrupt

And with my toy I never have to worry about the toilet seat being left up

Yes, men are intimidated by me, and that is why they never call

but with my battery operated toy I just might be better off… “after all”….

“Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” The Phantom Poet


Far away shot of Chaka Khan and Brett Jolly in concert (Brett off to the left with guitar)



One thought on “Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Independent women”)

  1. bagheadkelly says:

    That woman should be careful fo what she wishes for, sounds like she’s got pretty good at the moment.

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