Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Lying about your age)

Dear Brett,


Subject: Lied about age


I’m a 24-year-old woman and have been on four dates with a great man I really like. He told me he’s 36, which I don’t feel is too bad of an age difference. I told a friend at work about him. It turns out she knows him. She told me he’s really 43, not 36. Now I don’t know what to do. If he lied about his age, won’t he lie about other things? Plus, 19 years older is quite a difference. Should I confront him, break it off, or pretend I don’t know?





I always like to look beneath the surface when it comes to people. Yes, in your situation, he lied, but I think it is more important to note WHY he lied to you. If he felt that your interest in him would disintegrate based on his age then that is understandable (even though it still does not excuse what he did). At 36 or 43 he is still much older than you… Only you can make the determination as to whether he is now too old or not. However, please keep in mind that if you had NOT discovered his real age then chances are your present relationship with him would still be fine. You should, however, confront him about lying to you. You should let him know that someone who knows him says he is really 43 years old and you want to know why he didn’t have the heart to tell you in the first place. If he feels that he can lie to you and get away with it once, then he most surely can do so again, and that is a habit you want to break him of NOW… Once he realizes that he should have been truthful to you then hopefully he will handle all future matters differently. Most relationships are never totally equal, so it is quite possible to have a difference in age, religion, or any other life topic. As long as your union is not considered illegal (or immoral) then there is no need to question your relationship. Also there are no guarantees that you will be happier with a man closer to your own age. Feel free to love from the heart and be understanding of your mate’s imperfections, just as you would want him to be understanding of yours… Now is the time to understand the Phantom Poet:





I’m a 24 year old woman and just as fine as I can be


My man told me he was 36 when he is really 43


I just can’t seem to understand why he felt the need to lie like that


I want a relationship based on truth, and that’s just a fact


I have ALWAYS been truthful with him, so lying will NEVER be an issue


He thinks I have a size 38 bust line, even though I have been stuffing it all with tissue


Yes, I have truly been up front with him, and that you can surely believe


I just hope that one day he doesn’t find out that my hair is really a weave


The truth shall set you free, and the real person is the one underneath


That’s why I hardly every open my mouth near him (You see, I have false teeth)


And the nasty things I have done with him I have NEVER done with any man before


Well, maybe with the exception of the two guys down the street, but hey, nothing more


Because when you misrepresent yourself, then you’ve already encountered a huge hurdle


Just be the person you are (and please excuse me while I take off this tight girdle)


He doesn’t know that when I drink beer, I always do it by the “keg”


And I sincerely hope that one day he doesn’t find out about my wooden leg


Yes, honesty is important so you need to be as truthful as you can be


It will make your relationship so much better. Just take that tip from me…





“Baby, I never slept with ANY man other than you. In fact, we were both awake the ENTIRE time we had sex.”… The Phantom Poet


Stevie Wonder and Brett Jolly