Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Is he cheating?)

Dear Brett,


Subject: Is he cheating?


I dunno, I am very suspicious of him and have never been like that in any of my relationships, but there is something I can’t put my finger on… Something just doesn’t sit well with me. Sometimes I see stuff on his pants that looks white like dots, and I know he loves me very much and loves his kids till the ends of the earth but a nagging feeling is always there. I have even seen things on his neck that look like light hickies, like I said I really don’t have a lot to go on but he has a colorful past sex life and lots of strange numbers on his phone but I WILL not call them back


You may be doing the right thing in NOT checking the phone numbers (at least not until you are more certain). Even though he could very well be cheating, snooping through his information is NOT the way to find out about it. A lot of times when a woman has gut feelings about her man they usually are true (even though there have exceptions).  If you go snooping around his belongings then the trust factor in your relationship will be “very strained” (especially if he is proven innocent). For something like this you will need to exercise just a little more patience. NO ONE can hide infidelity permanently (some are good, though). One way or another it will reveal itself to you. You should, however, use your suspicion to check for more signs, such as his availability. Can you reach him most times you need to (either in person or by phone)? What are his job hours and how much time does he normally have after work before you hear from him? It is one thing to have suspicions… it is another thing to prove them…Whites spots and hickeys should be good indicators, though, but you still have to be careful how you present this to him. It is perfectly fine to let him know that you have reservations about your relationship. He needs to know what you are feeling. While it is so tempting to ravage through his personal information it could prove to be very detrimental to the trust factor of your relationship if you are proven wrong. If he is cheating, he will NOT be able to continue to hide it. Keep talking to him until you feel comfortable with his answers and pay attention to everything he says. Make sure you have evidence against him that seems overwhelming before you confront him with any “definite” accusations. Be ever careful, and be ever watchful… Here is that wayward son, the Phantom Poet to guide you:


In the back of my mind, I suspect my man of cheating


If so, the top of his head is where I will commence beating


He often comes around with white spots and hickeys on his neck


He is about to encounter a beat down that will be the best one yet


I have these feelings, but I need to know the truth


I can’t begin whipping his behind until I get more proof


The other day I found a hotel room key in his pocket


He said his job had meetings there (after I knocked his eye out of socket)


One day I checked his shirts and found lipstick on his collar


He said some old woman hugged him, but there was no need to holler


And then there are the phone calls from some other woman calling my house


She wanted to know if my man would please return her blouse


Then last night I found him naked with a woman in bed


He said he was administering CPR after she had accidentally bumped her head


Yes, I suspect my man of cheating, but I really need to be “sure”


Because for what I’ll do to him there might not BE a cure


If I look well enough, I just might be able to find some clues


I just want to be sure before all his teeth he’ll lose


So I prayed to God to just send me some sort of sign


He replied, “God woman, if you can’t see all those clues, then I must have made you deaf, dumb AND blind


“Even Stevie Wonder can see that he’s cheating on you”… The Phantom Poet


Verdine White (Bass player for Earth, Wind and Fire) and Brett Jolly before show