Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Luck and the art of feeling lucky)

“Luck.” What makes someone lucky? What makes you have bad luck?

A couple of years ago I was playing a gig in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and during a break  I went to the roulette wheel just to “watch the action.” I had  no real money to gamble with, so I figured the next best alternative was to check out others. No one was “hitting” and everyone had these long depressed looking expressions on their faces. All of a sudden this short dark gentleman walks up to the table. You could almost “feel” the confidence about him. He was sporting TWO women (one on each arm) and he was dressed as though he was worth a million bucks. I couldn’t believe what happened next. This guy goes up to the wheel and on his very “first” turn puts TONS of chips (money) on the absolute “long shot” to win. People were amazed that he would even put that much money up. After the wheel spun and revolved slowly, the long shot number turned up as the “winner.” This gentleman collected all his earnings, took his two women and “left” the table…. He not only had the luck, but he had the “faith” to go with it. It then dawned on me that there “has” to be energy forces in the air that we can somehow manipulate. People say that we cannot control our own destiny but somehow I can’t totally believe that. If you are walking to the street corner but decide to walk slower than usual and a car crashes into the area you would have been in, then you had control over your destiny. The opposite can work as well. If you wake up “thinking” that you are going to have a “bad day” then the negative forces in the air will usually gravitate to you to ensure your day is “bad.” When someone is on a roll, then they are feeling happy and in most cases secure. I am beginning to think that our lives depend heavily on how we “carry” ourselves and how we think. If we believe in something strong enough, we can generate the forces to actually make it happen. In essence, we can “make” ourselves lucky. Now naturally I can’t say that this will happen one hundred percent of the time, but I can say that I have seen what the powers of positive thought can accomplish. In my own musical life, I often believe that I can play just about “anything.” Last night I had a rehearsal for a church choir who did tunes that I had never heard before (with the exception of one). I listened to them rehearse the tunes and then they asked me if I wanted to try playing them. Confidently (but not with any cockiness) I told them that I could play ALL the tunes. When my turn came up, I played them all… easily. Confidence can go a long way when it comes to the luck you experience in your life. People who are often lucky have an “aura” about them that you can just feel… If you know someone who always seems to be lucky, does he or she always appear to feel down? Of course not. We can make good things happen, but only if we focus our minds on good thoughts…  The mind is a powerful instrument, and maybe it’s time for us to explore our own mind’s full potential. Who knows? Luck just might be on your side today… I hope you believe in having a great day today, and thank you for reaching my Daily Thought.

Wayne Brady and Brett Jolly in concert together