Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Weight loss)

The other day I had a conversation with someone about weight. This woman was trying to lose weight and had her own regiment set in place. She was counting calories, watching the foods she ate and lifting weights at the gym. I asked her what she hoped to accomplish by weightlifting and she said that it would redefine her figure. I told her that while weight lifting was admirable, it doesn’t necessarily help you to lose weight, but rather builds more muscle mass in certain areas which could actually make it appear as though you GAINED weight instead. If you look at some of the greatest weight lifters in the world, how many of them look skinny? As for counting calories, I don’t know if this tactic has ever really worked for anyone. While I am not a nutritionist or anything like that I have managed to stay in shape using a very simple formula. For the record, I know that everyone’s body is different, so the same procedures that will work for one might not work for everyone else. However, it is important for people to know their bodies when trying to obtain your perfect framework. For some people, it is not really about losing weight at all. For instance, if you took off inches from your waist (and could still carry around the weight you have) then you could have the optimum figure. I have known of people who focused on losing weight only to find that the first areas to recede were NOT the areas they wanted to lose weight in (for instance, your buttocks). This is where you should “know your body.” Next you need to define what it is you want. Would you like to keep the very same shape proportion you have but just be pounds lighter or would you like to redefine your shape totally? There are certain exercises that can accomplish specific weight  and shape goals but you need to know what they are. A fitness guru should be able to take a look at you and tell you the areas that you need to address. The interesting part about this is that you might not need to lose weight at all. I myself have never had a significant issue with weight gain. Of course, I have my own personal formula that I use that always seems to work for “me.” First, I take period walks. Walks help me to lose weight in transition and I can actually feel it taking place. Some days I may only walk around the block and others I might take an extensive long walk, but I try to get it in whenever I can. Not only does walking make me feel great physically, but it also has a mental and spiritual effect as well. While walking I have come up with my greatest ideas and I usually feel very positive after I finish. That is where the other aspect comes in. I honestly believe that the mind is a very powerful mechanism. As weird as this may sound, I honestly believe you can WILL yourself into shape. If the mind actually “believes” strongly enough that you are losing weight, then the rest of  your body will follow through with the changes that the mind signals send. What this means is that you should NOT look for your results in the mirror or on a scale. Once you use these items and you don’t see the results you seek, then the mind will make the rest of your body think that nothing is happening and the weight loss failed. In order for you to lose weight you must BELIEVE  that you are losing weight. Next you might want to focus not so much on what you eat, but rather HOW you eat. It is not necessarily  the food you eat that makes you fat, but rather the food you RETAIN. Waste piles up in our bodies, and that is why people will do cleanses of their systems to get rid of the excess waste. Not long after I eat I usually get rid of the waste so that it doesn’t pile up in my body. I also rarely eat after 3:00 or 4:00 pm during the day, so if I make it bed without a snack then I sleep through the night with an empty stomach. As I have said, I am NOT a personal trainer nor do I profess to know all the tactics needed for you to lose weight proportionately. However, I do know what has worked for “ME.” It seems as though everyone has a different formula for how they want to handle their shapes. Get to know “you” when trying to make the changes needed for the upcoming Spring season. Good luck to you and if you succeed then please feel free to send pictures. If you don’t succeed, then please feel free to work a little “harder.” Thank you for reading my Daily Thought, and I hope that you truly have a “Jolly” day today.


Teddy Pendergrass and Brett Jolly performing in Los Angeles in concert


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