Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Loss of job and girlfriend)

Subject: Trying to make a living:

“I was recently laid off from my job. It wasn’t because of my attitude or even  my quality of work. I got caught up in numbers and the company wasn’t doing so well, so someone had to go. The biggest problem I have is that I am in transition looking for another job. It is not easy to find one but I am out searching all the time. My girlfriend is not making any of this easy on me. She keeps telling me that she needs  money for this or for that and she gets really angry if I don’t have it for her. I told her that financially I am not in great standing right now, but she says she doesn’t want to hear that. I really do love her but right now I am extremely stressed out. I am trying the best I can for the both of us. Is there anything you know of that can help?

There are a couple of things… First, you might want to consider getting yourself a new girlfriend. A girlfriend who “truly” loves you will applaud you for “getting up” each morning to go “looking” for a new job. She will scour the classifieds in her efforts to “help” you find the best position for you. She will offer “encouragement” instead of “complaint.” If the defining factor in your relationship is only “the money you can get for her” then you can really do better with someone else. A good woman will offer support when it is needed and not tear you down because you have fallen on bad times.  As much as you love her you need to determine just how much she loves “you.” In regards to the job situation, circumstances are still difficult for a number of companies out there. Times may not be the best right now but there are also positive alternatives that you can consider. First, instead of working for someone else, you might want to consider opening up your own line of self employment. If you know “car mechanics” then open up a “fix-it” garage. If you are an accountant then you can start up your own firm. You don’t “HAVE” to work for someone else. Of course, if you start your own business you will probably have to work “twice as hard” but then you will have “no limitations” on the amount of money you can make (plus you will have control over the major decisions to be made). Most people who work for companies usually are paid a salary rate. That means that the harder you work, the more money you make for “someone else” other than yourself. When you are self employed, you have the potential to be as rich as  you can “dream.” Hopefully you took “note” of the problems your former firm made. Since you have already learned from “their” mistakes, then you have an advantage on them already. During a recession people are often afraid to start a new business. What they don’t understand is that “now” is probably the “best” time to do it. People are looking for alternatives and what you already know could make the difference in what you are able to offer. Promotion will be the key (because if no one knows about you, then no one will be able to patronize your business) so you need to carefully plot out ALL the circumstances that need your consideration. Remember people like Bill Gates (who started Microsoft during the middle of a recession) and Steve Jobs. These guys refused to consider “failure” in their efforts to make fame and fortune. You can follow the same “dream scheme,” and when you do become prosperous you can go back to your old girlfriend and thank her for showing how much better off you can be without her. Just imagine her expression if you roll up on her riding in your flashy “Lexus” with your new girlfriend sitting in the front seat with you. If you think about it a certain way, your termination from your job is NOT an ending, but rather a new beginning. Don’t get down, but get “up.” Change will be coming, but only if you go out and initiate “change.” Good luck to you and here is the Phantom Poet with no excuses:

It has been a minute since I was laid off from work
but during this time my girlfriend has been acting like a jerk
During the good times she referred to me as “sweetheart” and “honey”
but now it seems that all she cares about is me giving her money
I’m trying to get a job and all I need from her is a little respect
but my association with her is like an albatross around my neck
She needs money for her car, her shopping and her rent is now due
Well damn, why can’t she get up off her ass and look for work too?
Before I lost my job you loved all the things my income provided
But now I am beginning to realize that this relationship was “one sided”
My credit is still good so it is quite possible that I can still get a loan
As for my relationship with you, I know I can do better “on my own”
“So you need money? Well, here is something that you can consider”
“You can go out on the street and sell yourself to the highest bidder”
Don’t worry about us, because my love for you has already diminished
I don’t care who has you now, because our romance is officially “finished”
I have had it with you, so I will take my belongings and now “scram”
And what about you? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a … “hoot”…

Cleverly censored by the Phantom Poet


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