Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Emotional Cheating”

Emotional Cheating”… Just how serious is this?

The other day I talked to a friend of mine who said that his woman accused him of “emotionally cheating” on him. At first I couldn’t understand where he was coming from with this, but he said that she went into his computer and discovered emails from some woman who was having problems with her own relationship and yet was venting to him. He said that he knew the woman but had not seen her in over 5 years. He also said that they had never been intimate with each other in any way. Even though his girlfriend knew all that, she still got upset because she felt that if this woman had a problem with her relationship then she should have talked to her “girlfriends” about it and NOT to him. According to her, that amounts to “emotional cheating.” I had to think about this for a moment. My first thought was “Is there such a thing as “emotional cheating” and if so, just how serious should it be treated? When you are in a relationship you often have to look at things from a perspective other than your own. In other words, if your woman doesn’t like for you to talk to other women, would you feel right if she were to talk to other men? Of course, in most relationships the answer to this would be “no.” However, should this mean that if you are in a relationship you are automatically “banned” from any conversations with anyone of the opposite sex? In this instance here I told my friend that the main infraction he committed was in “not telling her about it” in the first place. The fact that he felt the need to hide it from her “automatically” creates the “air of suspicion” that he is “emotionally cheating” even if he really wasn’t. Granted, his woman may not have liked it anyway after telling her, but at least the “assumption” of cheating would not be as strong and with time might even “dissipate.”  When I asked him why he didn’t tell his woman about it he just said, “Because she would have gotten upset if I had told her initially.” Well, now she knows and she is “upset” anyway. A woman may not like for you to talk to other women, but she will handle it a lot better if you are at least “up front and truthful” about your situation. in life people will have struggles and sometimes other people will reach out to you if he or she feels trust in you. If this happens, don’t keep it in the dark. Talk to your mate about it and keep him or her informed. In the end, it might help to make your relationship even stronger and build better trust. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and here is the Phantom Poet to lead you into the weekend:

Whether it is raunchy letters or even explicit text
Whether it is love emails or even phone sex.
Whether is is intimate conversations with your “ex”
It’s still emotional cheating

Whether you talk about a love condition
or chat about your mate’s disposition
Or discuss something like a “sexual position”
It’s still emotional cheating

When you decide to hide things from your mate
Because you know that she will be “irate”
Before things get to a heated state
Just know it’s emotional cheating

When you mate has to question what you are doing this for
And has this look of anger when she walks through the door
And decides to level you with at least 5 shots (or more)
Then you know it’s emotional cheating

So if you think it’s okay to “chat”
And you know your woman is not okay with “that”
And the hospital morgue is where you are now “at”
Just know you messed up, and it’s emotional cheating

“Got the idea now?” The Phantom Poet



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