Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic” Improper dress attire)

Dear Brett,




Subject: Improper dress attire at work




I manage a team of about 20 employees. One of the women who work for me is really talented and does a great job but consistently dresses too provocatively for the office. She’s in her 40s, yet she keeps wearing plunging necklines and short skirts. How do I tell her she needs to tone it down without being too harsh?





“THIS” sounds like something I’d like to “look into” (uh…sorry…). Okay, let’s ponder some possibilities… Uh, you can let her know that based on her position most of the men want to privately offer her a DIFFERENT type of “raise”… Or else you can casually mention that in regards to her short skirts the men request that she change her panties more often… You could also say that the office is taking bets on which one of her breasts pops out first when she leans over the filing cabinet… Okay, I guess we have to get “serious” now (smile). Actually, for a situation like this you have to be very careful. If you already have a mandatory dress code in effect then the best way to handle this situation is to just put out a memo that “enforces” it. Of course, if she is within compliance of that dress code then she has not violated any company policies, and at some point you may need to be careful if you are contemplating to “amend” that dress code. Unfortunately, if she feels that you are altering that code “specifically for her” then it can automatically turn into a harassment suit.  Check your regulations carefully before you do or say ANYTHING to her.  I would also suggest talking to the other female employees to get their opinions. It is important to have the backing of your staff when making these kinds of decisions (because if you don’t it could come back to haunt you later). In your efforts to promote a better work appearance you may ruffle some feathers if you don’t handle this with caution. Also before initiating ANYTHING make sure that this decision is “worth” the trouble. If necessary, consult a lawyer on the subject.  Here is some “legal cleavage” from the Phantom Poet to explain more:





I have a 20-member work team, and our atmosphere is truly fair


I have a problem with one member and the clothes she “doesn’t” wear


She dresses too provocatively, and sometimes it is a real distraction


Whenever the men stand up you can automatically “see” their reaction


But it seems disrespectful to the others remaining


And yet, for some reason none of the men are complaining


I want to tell her to tone down, but this I truly fear,


It seems all the men want to nominate her for “Employee of the Year”


She seems to be getting all of the men’s votes, and that’s the way it now stands


However, when it comes to voting, the ONLY thing we want the men to raise is their “hands”


But the men show up for work every day, just so that they can get a glimpse of this gal


She may dress too provocatively, but at least it is GREAT for morale


So I guess if I want a better work environment, then I know now what must occur


I need to put out a new memo requiring ALL the women to dress like her


If ALL the women dressed like her, then this place just might be fun


I just don’t know if we would ever get any damn work done


Our disability insurance payments are on the rise, all because of sex


When our guys try to catch a revealing glimpse of her, they keep spraining their necks


It still doesn’t matter, for they keep showing up for work every day


If they cannot turn their heads, then they just position themselves in a better way


It is difficult for me to tell a woman appearance-wise how to represent


I just know that our men’s attendance rate is ALWAYS at one hundred percent


I just know that if another woman shows up for an interview wearing provocative attire


If she is qualified for the job, then you had best bet that I will hire


I realize that this is not standard, and it surely is not proper


But if the way she dresses improves my work force, then who am I to stop her?





      That’s exactly why they call it “HER-ass-meant” The Phantom Poet


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