Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Valentines day)

Today is officially Valentine’s Day. Today is a specially designated day to honor the one (or “ones”) you love. It could be for your sweetheart, your mother, your father, your wife, your children or anyone you consider to be special in your life. While this day will bring joy to many, it will also bring sadness to those whose “expectations” are “not met.” Many couples have actually “broken up” over Valentine’s Day. Why does this happen? When we have specific expectations from our lovers, then often we tend to think “for” them. We tend to “pre-determine” what his or her next step should be and if that next step doesn’t take place on Valentine’s Day, then sadness and sometimes resentment can kick in. There will be those who expect to be shown love through “expensive” gifts. My mother used to be one of those people. Each Valentine’s Day my father was “expected” to buy something really expensive for her (according to him, he had to spend “no less” than five hundred dollars). Mom was shrewd, too. If Pop got her jewelry she would wait until later and then take it someplace to have it “appraised.” One Valentines Day my father didn’t have a lot of money.  He had just paid a whopping plumber bill and exhausted his funds. He got what he could for Mom, but he knew she was not going to be satisfied with it. My brother and I were young teenagers during that time, and he told us that Mom might not be in the best mood today. Well, he was “right.” We all loved Mom, and the truth of the matter is that Mom deserved the best of everything that could be given to her, but for that particular day we felt sorry for Pop. Mom eventually got over it (I think Pop had to wait until he got a little more money and then later buy her something else to go along with it) but that Valentines Day was a tough one for Pop and us. Due to the fact that we are in a recession, there will NOT be a lot of expensive gifts bought for Valentine’s Day. For those who wait until the last minute there will probably not be a lot of cards or candy or stuffed animals left. For many there will be frustration and despair. However, this is truly Valentines Day, and even though this day is designated a date for “lovers” it should by NO means be the only day for it. If you love someone, it should be for “every” day of the year, and not just one. Whether you experience “heartfelt” of “heartbreak” today it will be important to take all circumstances into account. It is not the gift that proves love but rather the thought behind it. A rich man can buy you anything with no “love” to support it. A man who loves you (but does not have money like that) will give you what he has, but “love” will be the driving force behind it all. Hopefully for THIS Valentine’s day, everyone will realize that the one most important gift you can  give is something that is NOT that expensive, is in great abundance, and can be spread to everyone that you consider “special.” That gift would be the gift of “love.” If your focus is “only” on material things today, then Valentines day probably has a whole different meaning to you.  For the sake of a great relationship, the main focus should not just be to  “love with your wallet” but rather “love with your heart.” This does NOT mean that you shouldn’t get something special for the one you love, but it does mean that the “true” value of Valentines Day comes from within. For the sake of Valentines day… For the sake of love… Recognize this day for what it is, and NOT what you “expect” it to be… If we know for sure that we are loved then anything else you get on Valentines day should only be the “icing on the cake.” Icing is “great” but it does NOT take the place of the “entire cake.” Happy Valentines day to all today, and I hope that today EVERYBODY “feels loved”…
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