Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Proposition 8)

This past Tuesday, a federal appeals court overturned “Proposition 8,” thus opening up the doors for the possibilities of “same sex” marriages in California. This is a major development for West Coast citizens who want equality. Now factions from different sides are drawing lines in the sand to prepare for the next battle over this issue. On the one hand you have the traditional elite who believe that marriage should “only” be between a man and a woman. The other side of the coin wants equal rights for gay and lesbian couples.  Many will recite passages from the Bible and many others will address this from a civil rights platform. Just who is right? Well, if you go according to the “Biblical” terms, same sex marriage is a sin. However, if you go by the civil rights of these people then they are being subjected to discrimination. 10 years ago this issue would not have enough strength behind it, but in recent years so many more have come “out of the closet” and this group is “ever expanding.” Those politicians who advocate “tradition” need to be careful, because now this large group has enough strength in numbers to literally “vote you out of office.” The Bible is usually the religious standard for how we all “should” conduct ourselves, and many supporters of the “good book” stand by faith to the “word of God.” This cause is admirable, but there are still “other” issues at stake that are considered “ungodly.” For instance, “abortion” is also against the principles of the Bible. If that isn’t enough, WAR is also against the word of God (Thou shalt not kill). You can fit capital punishment in there as well. We are also not supposed to “covet thy neighbors wife” (How often to you think THIS commandment gets violated?). In fact, there are so many violations of the Bible that you could make the argument that hardly anyone adheres to it anymore (Even those who claim to be the strongest supporters of it). Also there is the double meaning of interpretation. I was amazed when I heard how the Ku Klux Klan used passages from the Bible to justify it’s own cause against “cohabitation of races.” Considering all of this, would it be proper to govern ourselves according to religion or according to the rights of citizens? If we are going to use the book of God to establish order then wouldn’t that transform us into a religious state? I think we all know that the homosexual community will eventually “win” this battle. Their cause is reminiscent of a runaway locomotive that no one can stop right now. When you add in the fact that we are entering into election times then it carries an even greater degree of weight. In California, you may not desire same sex marriage and you may not promote it, but rest assured it is about to become “law” in your hometown. Once it is established in California, it is only a matter of time before it spreads wings to other areas of the US. From a personal standpoint I have played for and witnessed same sex unions (I don’t know if I can call them marriages) and even I have to admit that at first it took some “getting used to.” However, now I can say that I have no problem at all accepting it for what it is. “The world will go through changes.” We can either fight to stop the changes or ride the wave to a whole new way of life. I would like to congratulate those who fought so hard to overturn Proposition 8. While this is a major milestone your battles are far from over. While you may (or may not) have God on your side, you are about to change the world…. That (in and of itself) is cause for celebration…


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