Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: The Superbowl)

Well, people, this football season is officially over. The New York Giants won the game last night in the last minute over the New England Patriots to secure the label of “champions.” I am sure there are many women out there who are now breathing a “sigh of relief” while many men are now turning their attentions to basketball and hockey. What is it about this game that sparks so much intrigue? When you think about it, the whole season changes from game to game. For instance, “RARELY” does the team with the best record at the end of the regular season even “make it” to the Superbowl, much less win it. This year was no exception. The Green Bay Packers had the best record (and they were last year’s champions), and yet they were eliminated by the Giants early this year. Last year, Green Bay didn’t have the best record going in, but yet they won it all. Also, football is a sport that you can never take for granted on any particular day. There is so much pain and pounding on the field that often the winners of the games are usually the teams that need the win (and can deal with the pounding) the most that day. What about the other aspects of football? It is usually played in cold weather and often there is too much time taken between plays, and still this sport is extremely popular. For this Superbowl I was under the weather (sick) and really not feeling well. In fact, I actually slept during a great portion of the game. I did wake up towards the end to at least catch the ending of it. Oh, yeah, I did manage to catch Madonna’s halftime “lip sync” show. Even though I don’t think she sang even one “live” note she still managed to wow the audience and her ending was “strong.” So then my attention turns to the other aspect of this game: The commercials. These companies pay millions of dollars to advertise on the Superbowl, but is it all worth it? Obviously the game is one of the most “watched” events on television, so naturally the more people you can get to see it, the better it is to advertise. Sometimes the commercials are better than the game. Above all, this game represents the “best of us.” Being a champion gives you bragging rights over all other teams, and people often like to root for the underdog. The game is great for the economy (because a lot of money is invested in it) and it often features all kinds of different stars at the game. It has been said that record numbers of chicken orders occur during each Superbowl game. I am sure that Popeyes and KFC must love that. As for us, the Superbowl represents the epitome of life. We all tend to identify with the best of the best, and the Superbowl represents that. For all the women out there who don’t even understand the game of football I can only tell you that it is a “man” thing. There is no use in trying to figure it out. Just accept it for what it is and now that the season is over I hope you are able to get your man back. I apologize, but I am still under the weather and not up to my usual “jolly” self today. I will try to rest and get better today as best as I can and I hope that you had a great Sunday and an even greater today. Take care and see you tomorrow.


Dionne Warwick with Brett Jolly in the background performing in concert