Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (from Monday through Friday)

Mr. Jolly. I know this is a very loaded question, but if you were in charge how would you fix the economy? There are varying opinions out there as to how it should be done. You seem like someone who is aware of a lot, do I figured I would throw this topic your way. Sorry to put you on the spot but I would love to know what you think. What do you say?

Well, I am NOT an expert on the economy (by any means), but if I had to tackle the issue, the very first thing I would do is focus on the price of gasoline. You see, as the price of gas goes higher, so does everything else. It is a known fact that people have to raise prices of just about everything when the cost of natural oil and gas increases. I would think that if we could find a way to keep the cost of natural oil and gas down (maybe through offshore drilling) then the economy would improve dramatically. Also, I would take government money to build and establish more libraries, police stations, recreation centers, museums and more institutions that would create the need for employment. I would also give bigger incentives (like maybe tax breaks) to the corporations who engage in procedures that create more job opportunities for people to be hired. I always felt that we don’t really need the intervention of government to help jump start the economy, but it couldn’t hurt to have it. To me, all it takes is for someone to come up with a great idea and then just follow through on it. There is still a lot of demand for many things that we don’t have and once someone capitalizes on these ideas then others will follow suit (thus improving the economy in the process). We also need to do like Ford did, (who improved their products and services greatly). They realized their own deficiencies and made a remarkable recovery. We need to study the success stories of companies like them and Walmart (along with other companies that are doing well through this recession). We also need to focus on the resources we already have to improve our economy.  Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, there is a wealth of information that we can learn from the inmates already incarcerated in our criminal institutions. We need to study the factors that made them turn to a life of crime so that we can correct them for future generations.  Also, it takes about $40,000 to 50,000 a year to house these inmates. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they were working and MAKING money instead of us paying money to incarcerate them? Also, as great as technology is, it can also be our greatest detriment. For example, the internet was a great idea, but when it came into existence the post office suffered mightily from less business (Because people relied more on email than conventional mail). We need to be able to change as technology changes. Many years ago someone had already invented the car that could get a thousand miles to a gallon of gas. The biggest problem is that if most people had one it would put so many other people out of work (like gas station attendants). If doctors found cures that would guarantee that no one ever gets sick again, then there would no longer be a need for doctors. If government regulated cars so that they could go “no  higher” than 75 miles per hour in speed then it would greatly affect the revenue police and judges get when they pull you over for a ticket. We have to work within our own structure to improve ourselves without eliminating ourselves from a making a living. As I have said, I am NOT an expert on the economy, but I do often take note of the things I would like to see happen to help improve the quality of life for everyone. I do apologize if my answers seem ignorant or uneducated, but this is only “my” perception. I do believe that we can control our own destiny though entrepreneurial opportunities, education and investment. The government can only do so much, but I believe it is up to us to make our own way. I did the best I could on this subject but I am sure I have overlooked other ideas. I welcome anyone with any suggestions, comments, or questions. Thank you and have a truly “jolly” day.



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