Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (From Monday through Friday)

Dear Brett,



Subject: Can’t have kids



I can’t have children for medical reasons. I’ve spoken to numerous doctors who all agree I can’t conceive. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about four months and he often talks about wanting to have kids one day. Should I tell him that it won’t happen with me? I’m scared he’ll break up with me.



I fully understand your desire to want to keep him, but it would be wrong to keep him under false pretenses. He deserves to know about your situation, and he deserves the opportunity to work out a viable solution with you. If he stops loving you because of this then he was not the right man for you in the first place and you need to accept that. Also you need to know that just because doctor’s say you can’t conceive doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have children. There is a source “much higher” than them that always has the last say on “miracles.”  It might be wise to have a consultation with one of those Invitro fertilization clinics to discuss options. I have heard that some of those places have performed miraculous tasks. Of course a relationship that perpetuates a lie can be doomed from the start. If you truly love him then you need to be truthful (and not secretive) with him no matter what the consequences may be. He should respect you more for it, and your relationship just might get stronger because of it. Don’t think selfishly. Let him know, and remember that no one is perfect, with the “possible” exception of the Phantom Poet:



I have this fear that my relationship may be on the skids

And that’s because I found out that I can’t have any kids

I know that our lives could truly be complete

If we could only hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet

The doctors said I can’t and for them there is no doubt

So I hope he will still love me with… or without

So if he wants to have children, I won’t put him in a fog

He can either love me as I am, or “Go get a damn dog”

So if he wants out of this relationship, then I will surely let him escape

Since I cannot have children, at least I’ll still keep my shape

So some man will ALWAYS want me even if it doesn’t turn out to be you

But if we consider adoption then I can still keep my figure too

We may not get any kids but the natural fact is

We can adopt, and I will still be sexy and we can still practice

I realize that your plans to have a family are obviously imminent

but it is quite possible that you just might be “impotent”

So I might be the one who ends up telling you “No thanks”

Especially if it is determined that YOU are the one “shooting blanks”

You can decide to get with a child-bearing woman, one who truly has it

And I can go find me a man who will treasure and appreciate my “asset”

So if having kids is that important to you, then this is what I have to say

Either love me, or leave me, but I will not lose my pride today…



 A truly tender moment from the Phantom Poet


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Gary US Bonds with Brett Jolly in concert (He had the vintage hit “A quarter to three”)



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