Brett Jolly,

I am thinking about starting a small business, which is something I have never done before. Every time I feel inspired to put it all together someone deflates my balloon by telling me about how bad the economy is and how tough it is to start something new. I must admit that I do have some fear of investing in something that may not work. I don’t have a lot of money to put into this and if it doesn’t work I will be in bad shape. My head tells me “No” while my heart says “Go for it.” Should I listen to my friends or go with my desire?

When it comes to “any” business opportunity there will ALWAYS be risk involved. That cannot be avoided. You can’t even win the million dollar lottery without at least taking the chance of “losing” a dollar investment. Everyone can use the economy as an excuse for not following through on your dreams, but the facts are that if you become successful then you may take a part in helping to “revive” the economy. All it really takes to be successful in business is to “know the circumstances” you have to deal with. In fact, if you play your cards right, you might just benefit from starting a business “during a recession.” For example, some people may be financially strapped and unable to afford necessities like a car. If during this recession you manage to come up with an economically priced affordable car then you could make a lot of money from people who need your services. The same could be said for other products and/or services. The main part about any business venture is the “promotional” aspect. No one will buy what you have unless they know it exists, and that is where marketing comes in. Not only do you have to provide a product/service that people want, but you have to find a way to “sell” your new concept to the public. You will also need to incorporate these promotional costs in your plans. Planning is essential and you need to research ALL opportunities and options before putting your product “out there.” You may want to Google people who have come up with concepts similar to yours and review their success/failure  stories. The easiest thing to do is to consider “failure.” Most people who fail are the ones who considered failure “too much.” It is important that you go into your venture with confidence and faith. For instance, if you have to jump from one cliff to another with a ten thousand foot drop awaiting you, the LAST thing you want to do is not put your “all” into the jump. This is where your own “doubt” could end up killing you. Well, the same can be said for starting a business. If your friends are trying to persuade you to abandon your dream then I would say it’s time for you to stop talking to your friends. It is a known fact that Bill Gates started Microsoft during a recession, and look where he is now. Also, you may want to review the success story of Steve Jobs for inspiration as well. The true value of life is what you make of it. You can be content working for others and getting a fixed income for life, or you can take matters into your own hands by becoming your own boss and making your own way (and subsequently have other people working for you). You don’t have anything to prove to anyone other than yourself. If you can “dream it,” then by all means you can “live it,” but first you must develop confidence and faith. Then once you become rich you can take your friends out to dinner with the money they said you “wouldn’t make.” Don’t become your own worst enemy. Life is made for taking chances, and you will never  know your full potential until you reach out to grasp it. Good luck to you, and please have a “jolly” weekend with this magical lyrical rendition from the Phantom Poet:

I want a great home, expensive cars, a luxurious life and romance
I can have that with a great business, but first I must take that chance
I have a great idea that I shared with my friends, but they all told me to stop
but I think I can  make a whole lot of money with a “hooker car wash shop”
Most of my male friends would be patrons, and I think it would all be good
Just wait until you see the service that my girls provide “under the hood”
Having scantily clad women wash your car is something that I think will attract
And with each hooker, the male puts the car in neutral while riding in the back
And the hookers will be thorough to make sure that they clean any and all points
And for a little extra, they might even adjust  your “ball joints”
For a few extra dollars in my car wash, just about anything goes
You can adjust your “belts” while fixing your “hoes” (uh, hose)
I really believe in my concept and I know I have a lot to prove
but with my car wash, the car doesn’t even have to be turned on to “move”
I haven’t even started promoting this yet and for some reason I am already in shock
We’re not even open, and yet the line for my service is already around the block
My friends were against me, but for their opinions I would like to “thank”
Because through their negativity I can say that I’m laughing all the way to the “bank”
My business is running GREAT and nothing else out there really compares
And if for some reason the car doesn’t get clean, who the hell really cares?

“Oh, I know I’m going to pay for THIS one”…. The Phantom Poet

Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes and Brett Jolly in concert (Brett in left corner with red guitar)


Brett Jolly,I a…

3 thoughts on “Brett Jolly,I a…

  1. A female wants to know..... says:

    Great story, Brett! I believe in pursuing your passion and bringing it to life. Don’t let your dream die with you. It is good to plant seeds everywhere and one will turn into a big opportunity!

  2. theeroxanne says:

    Brett, you are extremely clever and oh so funny!

  3. bagheadkelly says:

    Brett Jolly is like “Where’s Wally” only with the stars

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