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t is a normal custom to make a New Years resolution, and from what I’ve heard many people have made theirs for this new year. New Year’s resolutions are kind of funny. Why should we wait until a certain time of the year to initiate a positive change? If we know what’s wrong with us, why not work on changing it immediately? Does it give us an advantage when trying to initiate it by a certain date? How difficult is it to adhere to the resolutions declared? I have heard people talk about losing weight to smoking less and some have even talked about having either “more” or “less” sex in the upcoming year. Good luck on that one. However, we all should feel the need to improve ourselves and if making a new year resolution will do it, then by all means go for it. A friend of mine who also has a sight for blogging entitled “Say it with Kelly” came up with this concept for a New Years resolution:


Resolutions are born out of some sort of guilt.  You’re sorry that you weren’t able to do this or that for your family members so you resolve to splurge more, buying expensive items and applying extra stress on yourself just so you don’t have to appear to be broke.  Then you resolve, in a grand manner, I’m getting out of debt this year.  Because you already forgot that you decided to splurge more, so you can’t save and get out of debt.  On December 31st you decide to take the dream trip of your life, a trip to Bali, but you don’t even have a passport, so now you have to add that to the list of resolutions.  Then the biggest most popular resolution of them all and this is the mother of all resolutions. You’re going to transform the way you look by losing all the fat that you’ve been carrying around for the last 10 years, because yes once again 2012 is the year this will happen.  Even though, you know you swore by the heavens that 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 you were going to do the same thing.  Here you are yet again, at the New Year’s Eve Party eating red velvet cupcakes and sipping on champagne pretending that you are eating the last cupcake in your entire life.


Resolutions should be called, resolve to lie solutions.   By the way Happy New Year – Welcome to 2012. 


For the record, I did not make a resolution for this year, but I am continually trying to improve myself on a daily basis. Sometimes even if we know and realize our faults it is not that easy to change who we are. Some people are talkative. Some people are just arrogant and obnoxious.  I like to read a person within the first 3 minutes I confront him or her. I take notice of character, facial expressions, dress and how they say things to make my own determination, and rarely am I wrong. I also find it is not about just “making” the resolution. If you are serious then it is important to know the “steps” you are taking to ensure completion. In other words, if you are going to lose weight, then how are you going to do so? Will you walk more? Will you eat less? Without a plan your resolution can seem empty and even worthless. My brother had a sign up in the basement that read: Never try to teach a pig how to sing…. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig.” Through this message I have come to realize that certain people are just made to be the way they are, and I resolved to just accept them that way. I am not calling anyone a pig, but they could have the same pig-like stubborn tendencies (and they might not be able to sing, either). I would love to know if there are any “interesting and different” New Year’s resolutions out there. If you have one that seems out of the ordinary then I hope you don’t mind sharing with my readers. People make the world go ’round and I think it would be beneficial for us all to learn each other. I will not mention any names (unless you want me to) and please remember that my site is about having fun. If you plan to blow up the Holland tunnel there are other sites for that. I would love to know the person  you have been and the person you “expect to be” in the upcoming year. If you can, please let me know “why” we should believe you and the steps you will take to reach your destination.  I thank you in advance for your submissions and I wish everyone a truly happy, safe, and “jolly” new year… Here is the Phantom Poet who has resolved to take poetry to an entirely “new” low:


When it comes to making change, some of us adhere to the same “solution”

They wait until January first to make a New Year’s resolution

They want to initiate change or at least that is how it will appear

Knowing fully well that this plan didn’t even work LAST year

What makes this year any different and how can you make this so?

And do you believe you will succeed? Well “Duh, I don’t know”

If you have a resolution to become a better woman or man

Then you first need to make sure that you come up with a good plan

There is a difference between what you can do and what has been said

And we ALL know that there ain’t no halos hanging over your head

So if you want to have a resolution that becomes a positive statistic

Then you damn well need to come up with one that is at least realistic

It’s too late to become world prophets or even education scholars

And we all know that you ain’t going to make a million dollars

So if you are having difficulty with your resolutions then don’t feel melancholy

In fact, why not share your New Year solutions with Brett Jolly?

So if you want us to believe your intentions then it is possible that we might

The best way to handle this is just say in the new year, I plan to “act right”


“I think that is a safe one to make'”… The Phantom Poet



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