Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought

I just happened to come across a story about Chris Brown, the new generation sensation who just cannot seem to avoid controversy. He was blasted a while back for beating up Rihanna and then he literally “lost it” during an interview with Robin Roberts when she kept “reverting back” to the stormy relationship. Now (according to his manager Tina Davis) Chris won’t do “any” interviews in 2012, the reason being that they prefer he “concentrate on performing and recording.” Now please keep in mind that I also “preform and record” (admittedly not on the same level as Chris) so I do know the effort it takes to embark on these tasks. I never realized that it was “such a monumental challenge” to combine all three tasks (and yes, I am being sarcastic). Today’s music industry has evolved more into today’s “marketing” industry. In other eras great singing was mostly all you needed to break the big time. Today’s music seems to be void of creativity, quality and great vocal performances. To supplement the “loss of quality” the industry tries to make up for it in “controversy.” Britany Spears, Rihanna, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, and  Eryka Badu have all launched their careers with the help of freaky business “antics” and they always seem to “top” the charts. They engage in activity that literally has nothing to do with music to help “keep their careers afloat.” For those of you who remember, Madonna was an artist who seemed to “bathe” in controversy. Every place you turned she was either naked or talking crazy about religion and other “stuff.” A friend of mine played bass guitar for her, and I asked him why she did all this. He told me that most people didn’t realize it, but Madonna was one of the smartest women in the business. She “knew” that every time she did anything “controversial” she would make more money. Well, it seems that today’s stars have picked up on that same concept. Now keep in mind this has “not” worked for everyone. When Janet Jackson had her “supposedly accidental wardrobe malfunction” at the Superbowl it did not help her career at all. In fact, she has struggled with selling records ever since that event. Knowing how the industry promotes controversy I cannot help but wonder just how much of it is actually “staged.” Was Kanye West really out of his mind when he decided to upstage Taylor Swift at the awards, or could that have possibly just been a “tactic?” From sex videos to going “topless” in an Ireland farmland, Rihanna has been no stranger to utilizing a “naughty girl” image. Lady Gaga is just plain strange and weird, but it works for her. Chris Brown is now known for having severe “anger management” issues. It seems that interviewers now know how to “push his buttons” whenever they want to get a rise out of him. If this is in fact “true” then I perfectly understand the “real” reason why Chris won’t be granting any interviews. Still, part of me can’t help but think this is a ruse to help “promote” his career through advertising that people will remember. A lot of people will adore a “bad boy” image and it would make sense to play the role if it will indeed help your career. Planting in the public’s mind that “Chris will no longer do interviews” only “feeds” the idea that his anger management is still “uncontrollable.” That equates to more stories about him and more “enhanced” promotion of Chris Brown that might help him should his music not ever be strong enough. It is a known fact that people love drama and his career surely “classifies” as such. I could never support a man who beats up a woman, but I also realize that everyone makes mistakes in his or her life. I would love to see how the world would perceive the “real” Chris Brown. I am not saying that he is fake but I just can’t rule it out either. He cried over his onstage tribute to Michael Jackson. I didn’t see it but many people felt it was not genuine. For the record, this article is not about judging Chris Brown, but rather the music industry as a whole. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a heavy moderately attractive woman who can sing really well come on the scene? There are plenty of them out there… Most of then can be found in church. It would be great to one day have a music industry that is “gimmick-free.” Until then I guess we need to prepare for more of the same. We don’t have to support this, but in order to make a difference we need more choices. Hopefully for the sake of good music we will one day get to make those choices again. Have a great day, and an evern greater “jolly” weekend.