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f course, I got quite a few responses to my topic about egos, emotion and learning your mate. I cannot feature them all, so today I figured I would feature one male perspective and one female perspective. Here they are:



Well , I am of the Male speices. And I would like to know why women Won’t let men be who they are Natrually. They want to be up on you too much.Like “what’s your dreams” how many kidz( to see WHAT’LL BE LEFT FOR HER) how many Baby moms. where do you work, what do you drive. By nature,we make the kidz,Take care of the Surrounding area to make our lives more comfortable. and i we wanna have a lil’ male like fun. they wanna squash it. I love women; & I hate the way they think. Men want the “HEADLINES” .Females want thr “DETAILS.

This was a good topic (again).  I do agree that there is nothing wrong with a man having a male ego just as long as it is controlled; confidence is necessary for men and women.  Being that I am a woman, I do agree that we should learn our man.  Men are not like us. Not all men open up as quickly as we do. Sometimes we have to put our emotional feelings aside and get to know our man and that will help a healthy, good relationship to develop. Much love! 





Now I would like for you to take a look at both responses and imagine these 2 in a relationship together. Do you think they would be able to relate well to each other’s needs? The purpose of featuring these 2 perspectives is to show that everyone is different in his or her own way. Because of these vast differences in people it makes it even “more” imperative to learn your lover’s ways. For instance, some men are not “phone talkers.” If you try to keep them on the phone for more than 10 minutes you may actually start to “lose” them in conversation. Some women don’t like men who continually brag about themselves. The more they do so the more of a turnoff it could be for the woman. From the female perspective I got a lot of comments about men being deceitful, which is another reason why I expressed the need for women to learn their men in the first place. A knowledgeable lover is very difficult to deceive. When you learn your lover’s ways you will not have to depend solely on what he or she says but rather on what you know. I will not go so far as to say that people are always lying, because there is always a possibility of breakdown or misinterpretation in “any” conversation (and of course, there is a great possibility that some people WILL flat out “lie” too). Men have egos and women have emotion and while we all say that these things need to be controlled it is often easier said than done. This is where understanding should come in. A man needs to realize that if a woman is upset then finding a quick resolution may not help the situation. She may need to “vent” for a minute just so she can get it out of her system. Some women may need to realize that if a man is upset and feels the need to be alone for a minute, that could be so he can compose himself and get his thoughts together. It may not be in the best interest to try to “force” him to stay and talk to you when he is angry. Men and women will often get on each other’s nerves. It is how we handle these moments that determine the strength of the relationship.  My father was a smart man when it came to my mother. He knew that during the holidays whatever gift he got her had to be “special.” If he bought her jewelry he knew she was going to sneak out and secretly have it “appraised.” He also knew that he had to spend at “least” a certain amount on her (because she was going to check out the prices anyway) if he was going to have any peace. Mom was not always “easy” to satisfy but they did manage to remain married for “48” years. That knowledge that he got from learning her helped him last those 48 years before she passed. To truly love someone is to truly “know” someone. Emotions and egos are a part of who we are, and if we cannot fully control them then it helps to at least “understand” them. I gladly welcome any and all responses and I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought. Have a truly “jolly” day.


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