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I’m sure since this is your site you will be very male opinionated. Why does a woman have to figure out what makes a man tick to keep him. Woman are very honest and open (as you stated) so why can’t the MAN go from there in stead of trying to say or not say or not want to say what he thinks, Is that because he doesn’t want to get caught in a lie. In my FEMALE opinion if a man can’t put his ego aside for a woman he doesn’t want the relationship from the beginning. He only has her to say he has a woman and he is only keeping her until someone else comes along. Very deciteful





Expecting a man to put his ego aside is paramount to some man expecting you as a woman to put your “emotion” aside. I just can’t see that happening… It is what and who we are… For the record, a woman does “not” HAVE to figure out what makes her man tick, but I honestly think it would be in her “best” interest to do so (especially if she wants a longer lasting relationship). Yes, I am male, and yes, I do have a male perspective (in fact, I am “checking it right now…. Ah, THERE it is…). In the “proper” world what you are saying is entirely true. Men “should” put aside their egos for the women they want to be in a relationship with. However, sometimes there is a BIG difference between what a man “should” do and what he “can” do. If you don’t want to take the time to “figure out” your man then you surely have that right. However, I would think that it would be in the best interests of “all” parties to know and learn the behavior patterns of their lovers (and yes, this applies to men knowing their women as well). There was a Tyler Perry movie out a while ago with Janet Jackson in it entitled “Why did I get married?” In the film there was a couple that was going through some relationship issues. The wife told her girlfriend that she could “always” tell whenever her husband was lying. She said that whenever he said the words “You know what I’m saying?” then she knew that a lie was coming next. As funny as this may sound, this same principle should apply in real life. It is important to know the little things that make your mate “tick” and not just necessarily go from what he or she “says.”  Even though this is my site, I do respect your “female” opinion and as you can see, I am featuring it here today. Judging from your perspective, I find it difficult to think that a woman would even “want” a man with his ego put aside. Egos are “confidence factors” for men, and I just can’t imagine a woman wanting a man with no “balls.” I cannot tell you that your man will not be deceitful. No one can do that. I can tell you that behind every great man is a woman who helped “make” him that way. I sense some “bitterness” and “hurt” in the message you are saying. If that is the case I can apologize for the man who hurt you, but I just cannot accept responsibility for him. Yes, MOST women are honest and open (but keep in mind that there ARE exceptions to the rule out there). Even though men may not always show it, they most certainly KNOW when they have a great woman. In most cases the difference between them knowing it and them showing it is in fact the male “ego.” If the woman knows her man’s ego well enough then she will never have to rely solely on just “what he says” for keeping a good and lasting relationship. By that same token, men also have to learn the “heart” of a woman, because it is equally as important when it comes to making it work. I tried my best to show “neutrality” in my response to you today, because I didn’t want you to get the impression that I automatically “favor” men. However I also like to grasp the propensity to administer what I believe to be “truth” even if it is from my own “male perspective.” I thank you for your comment and I would like to make it known that I welcome any and ALL comments to my page (I mean that sincerely). In order to bridge the gap between men and women it should always involve communication (even if it has to come through my site). Maybe through this site we “all” can learn a valuable lesson. Thank you and have a truly “jolly” day. Here is the Phantom Poet to present his humorous side to this story:





When it comes to love I’m sure that you know what we know


A woman can’t put aside her emotion and a man can’t lose his ego


I realize that when you ask me a question I relate from the male dominion


And that is probably why you assume that I will only feature a male opinion


Men and women need each other even though there is often confusion between us


As one person once put it, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”


There is a formula for understanding your man and I am telling you so


Don’t always go from what he says but rather go from what you know


Women don’t like deceit and for them it always hurts


Plus whenever men try to deceive it just about never works


Men need to learn their women as well and this is surely not a dumb thing


When men ask what’s wrong and they say “Nothing”, it really means “Something”


So in order to have a love better you need to adhere to this simple trick


Take the time to find out just what makes your lover “tick”


Love should not be based on egos and emotion alone


And the love you save just might be… your “own”…





“Thank you for your applause-taking a bow now”… The Phantom Poet